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  • Design and Engineering Analyst

    Posted: 12/18/2022


    Wyyerd is seeking a Design and Engineering Analyst who will be responsible for analyzing potential construction projects and creating construction designs for the construction of FTTH GPON plant to serve Wyyerd’s customers across the metro area.  In addition, this role will support plant maintenance and repair and support.


    About This Role
    The Design and Engineering Analyst is a vital part of the Wyyerd team.  Wyyerd has near-term plans to dramatically accelerate expansion and, in doing so, the construction of new plant.  The Design/Eng/OSP team is responsible for working with outside contractors to enable the rapid deployment of plant in order to enable this expansion, and the Design and Engineering Analyst will play a key role in this process.

    -Create high level construction engineering designs to inform project evaluation/selection and partner effectively with design/engineering firms.
    -Work to lessen the build costs through alternative construction methods.
    -In some cases create detailed construction designs.
    -Estimate distances, costs and other attributes associated with designs.
    -Work with local municipalities to understand needs and growth areas.
    -Look for residential and business opportunities for expansion.
    -Business case development.
    -Assist in identifying and implementing improvements to efficiency via processes or systems/tools.
    -Work effectively with other people and teams in the organization.
    -Other duties as required.
    -High school diploma or equivalent.
    -College degree and/or equivalent 3 to 5 yrs experience in similar field.
    -Positive attitude, willingness and eagerness to learn new things, team player.
    -Ability to understand/learn the fiber network construction process.
    -Working computer knowledge and Microsoft Office knowledge.
    -Understanding of basic electricity.
    -Understanding and interpreting plant maps.
    -Telecommunications wiring color-code competency.
    -Must have clean driving record.
    -Ability to pass drug test.
    -Understanding of ISP services.
    -Ability to work with others on all responsibilities.

    Apply at: 

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