• Charter School Operations Manager -MCCS

    Posted: 05/07/2023


    Knowledge of:

    • Laws and regulations associated with Charter and High Schools in California
    • Services and resources for Charter Schools in San Diego County
    • Effective community relations skills and positive interpersonal relations skills
    • WASC accreditation, developing and producing LCAP, grant and State reporting spreadsheets and documents

    Ability to:

    • Effectively manage and facilitate meetings using a shared decision making approach
    • Organize records and paperwork processes
    • Prepare and present reports, training plans, and workshops
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the community, management, center directors, teachers, staff, parents, consultants, union stewards and representatives of other agencies and others encountered in the course of work.
    • Exercise sound, expert independent judgment, initiative, and seasoned political acumen within policy guidelines.
    • Demonstrate positive regard and sensitivity to diverse families and to persons with special needs.
    • Develop and implement new policies, as well as appropriate procedures and controls.
    • Assess user requirements, set priorities and allocate resources to most effectively meet needs in a timely manner.
    • Work with a wide variety of individuals and groups and demonstrate commitment to diversity in the workplace and accessible services and relate effectively with children, parents, staff, and local services providers.
    • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.  Prepare and present reports, training plans and workshops. Prepare clear, concise, comprehensive and well written correspondence, reports, studies and other written materials.
    • Provide leadership, direction, motivation and support to facilities and other staff members.
    • Plan, organize, estimate, coordinate, assign, review and evaluate the work of others.
    • Read, understand and explain policies and procedures.
    • Operate a computer terminal and computer using word processing, spreadsheet, data bases, and other business software.
    • Interpret, apply, explain and reach sound decisions in accordance with MAAC and division policies and procedures and labor contract provisions.
    • Communicate clearly and effectively orally and in writing.
    • Exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive and complex issues and situations.

     Apply at: https://maacproject.applytojob.com/apply/hjVGywQRPR/Charter-School-Operations-Manager-MCCS

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