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    Posted: 11/20/2022



    • High School Diploma/GED OR two years of maritime experience.
    •   High level of pride in workmanship
    • Ability to weld in uncomfortable positions where applicable
    • Minimum of 1 year as a B-Class Welder at Austal producing advance fillet welds or 2 years of GMAW MIG aluminum welding experience at a comparable employer
    • Ability to pass A Class skills evaluation test to demonstrate welding ability for full penetration joint details
    • Ability to successfully complete onboarding procedures in preparation to pass AL CV weld qualification test requirements to meet contract requirements for A Class welding on the vessel.
    • Demonstrated ability to weld fillets for material thicknesses 4mm- 25mm
    • Demonstrated ability to weld gusset toe and wraps with minimal blending required.
    • Demonstrated ability to weld frame wraps and terminations with minimal blending required.
    • Demonstrated ability to weld T-Bar wraps and terminations with minimal blending required.
    • Demonstrated ability to weld into corners / vertical intersections with minimal blending required
    • Demonstrated ability to evaluate and correct basic weld pick up, with minimal supervision
    • Demonstrated ability to terminate stich welds with minimal weld correction to address minor cosmetic or weld defects
    • Demonstrated ability to weld continuously for 400mm
    • Demonstrated ability to back step and sequence weld based upon provided information and/or good welding practices
    • Demonstrated ability to weld multi-pass fillets with only cosmetic correction required
    • Ability to take direction and follow instructions
    • Good mechanical aptitude with ability to produce consistent quality
    • Ability to inspect and correct basic weld pick-up without supervision
    • Good listening and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills
    • Excellent hand-eye coordination; good spatial orientation
    • Ability to consistently meet production deadlines
    • Ability to read and interpret and work from construction drawings, job specifications, instruction manuals, manufacturer’s handbooks, change orders and contract specifications to obtain weld sizing information and material edge preparation requirements
    • Ability and willingness to work with and to teach less-skilled workers
    • Ability to maintain and perform routine preventive maintenance on welding equipment
    • Ability to wear required PPE


    TOOLS: Miller saws, sanders, grinders, burr motors, band saws, skill saws, saws-all, weld machine and applicable components etc.

    Apply at: A Class Structural Welder - SDCA | Austal Careers (austaljobs.com)

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