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Program Description

The National City Green Initiative is a collaborative effort among the National City Chamber of Commerce, the City of National City, regional and local partners, private companies, and the community to guide the city towards sustainable business practices and development.

The National City Chamber of Commerce Green Business Program will encourage and facilitate energy efficient business practices in National City through education, outreach, networking, marketing, and advocacy. We will strive to raise the level of sustainable business practices used by NCCC members and influence a political environment that will support sustainability initiatives, policies, and promotion of “green” businesses.


  • Installation and/or retrofit of energy efficient equipment at no cost/low cost.
  • FREE energy toolkit.
  • FREE advertising and promotion for your business.
  • Community recognition of your voluntary efforts to improve our environment.
  • Cost savings through improved efficiency, energy and water.
  • FREE Workshops and Seminars.


The objective of The National City Chamber of Commerce is to become a one-stop resource for information, education, program participation, and marketing tools to promote green businesses.


The short term goal is to increase business participation in energy efficiency programs and facilitate their adoption of sustainable business practices and products. Short term goals shall yield decreased operating costs. The long term goal is to lay the foundation for the future attraction of businesses in the green industry and create a culture of sustainability throughout National City. The long term results include the creation of healthier and more efficient communities with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Program Participation

In partnership with SDG&E, businesses will be introduced to FREE energy efficiency upgrades through the Direct Install Program.

Direct Install Information

The Direct Install Program provides a number of FREE energy and money-saving services for qualifying small and medium-sized businesses. (Click here to learn more)

Free Services Include:

  • An energy assessment
  • Equipment upgrades and installations

You don’t need to purchase anything to participate. Simply be willing to have your less-efficient equipment replaced with more energy-efficient products, reducing your energy use, carbon footprint and electric bill – all at no cost to you!

SDG& E On-Bill Financing Option

What is On-Bill Financing?

  • On-Bill Financing (OBF) helps qualified commercial and taxpayer-funded customers pay for energy-efficient business improvements through their SDG&E® bill.

Who is Eligible?
Customers that are eligible for On-Bill Financing must meet the following criteria:

  • The customer must receive a rebate or incentive through an SDG&E energy efficiency program.
  • The customer must currently have had an active SDG&E account for the past two years for the same business.
  • The customer’s SDG&E account must be in good standing. Please contact SDG&E for further details.
  • Owners of multi-family units who do not live on the premises may qualify for financing through the Multi-Family Rebate program

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It’s easy to participate in the Green Business Program


Download the program application online at Submit to or via fax to 619.477.5018. Chamber staff will review your application and upon approval, schedule an appointment with you and SDG&E to begin your free energy assessment. Download application (click here).


Implement energy efficient upgrades and allow program staff to track your progress by setting up a site visit at your business.

3.       PROMOTION

Once verified, your business will be presented with a window decal promoting your green measures. In addition, your business will receive free marketing benefits.


  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Sweetwater Authority
  • EDCO Recycling Services
  • City of National City
  • City of Chula Vista
  • California Center for Sustainable Energy
  • CleanTECH San Diego


Pasha Automotive

Pasha Automotive Services, located at the Port of San Diego, is participating in the Port’s “Green Business Challenge” with a focus on conserving energy and becoming more efficient in our day-to-day operations.  A few examples of these efforts include: a major light bulb retrofit in all buildings to more efficient bulbs, implementing timed lighting in all restrooms, and recycling all storm water on the property for use within on-site carwashes. John Pasha, Vice President, comments, “In two short months, energy consumption at the PAS facility has decreased 30%, resulting in a significant savings in terms of energy bills. We plan to continue this trend downward in both our energy usage and energy costs.”

To help support efforts Pasha Automotive Services formed a Green Team, a 16-person committee to spearhead green initiatives. The Green Team develops a newsletter with energy-saving tips for employees, creates special “green” events and monitors the company’s progress.  Pasha Automotive Services employees have taken the Green Challenge to heart and are doing their part to reduce impact and be a good neighbor.

Pasha Green Team

San Diego Cold Storage

SDCold is a Cold Storage Company. Our initial work with SDG&E was to set up our refrigeration equipment to run heavy during off-peak times to help shed demand during heavy usage periods. Over the past few years our combined focus has been on energy reduction through improved controls and more efficient equipment. This year we have cut our consumption by nearly 50%. The real test will be this summer. For these programs we get incentives (rebates) based on the consumption eliminated.


Contact info:

For questions contact:

Jacqueline Reynoso
Office: (619) 477-9339
Fax: (619) 477-5018