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    PURPOSE: Process Management for Requests for Information and/or Clarification of Chamber Policies, Practices or Activities
    The National City Chamber of Commerce embraces the highest levels of professional integrity and demands the same from its staff and its Board of Directors. The Chamber strives for transparency in its affairs, especially in the areas of financial management and maintaining a professional workplace free of discrimination, harassment or impropriety.

    As a member organization, the Chamber has a responsibility to its members as well as its non-profit mission. That includes reasonable and proper transparency.

    Members having questions about Chamber activities are encouraged to file their questions or concerns in writing so that they can be investigated. The Chamber’s Executive Committee is responsible for managing the request. Their goal is to provide the member with information in response to their questions or concerns.

    The Executive Committee also encourages members with questions or concerns to attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee. Members have an opportunity to voice their concerns, so that they can be documented and investigated, enabling the Chamber to respond to member questions or concerns.
    Anonymous concerns will not be addressed.

    A “Request for Information and Clarification” form has been prepared to assist those wanting to make their request in writing. Those wishing to attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the Chamber’s Executive Committee will be asked to provide similar information. The Executive Committee will prepare a draft statement for the submitter, providing them an opportunity to review and ensure it accurately captures their concerns. Subsequently, the Executive Committee can properly vet their inquiries.
    Please select a day of the week that is best for us to try and reach you. (Monday - Friday)
    What time of the day are you most likely to be available? (8:00am - 5:00pm)

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