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  • Volunteers give their heart as well as their time.

    Are you a “party animal”? Or a behind-the-scenes crackerjack who loves getting everything organized and done so that others can shine in the spotlight? Or maybe just a tireless and steady participant who keeps the ball moving?

    Regardless of who you are and what skills you bring to the table sales, marketing, special events, political savvy, etc., the Chamber is a great place to direct your energies and enjoy the satisfaction of working with others who care. As a wise man once said, it’s often far more important to make a difference than to make a buck.

    For further information, contact the Chamber at 619/477-9339 or at thechamber@nationalcitychamber.org.

    Volunteer for the Elderly

    Millions of elderly people—those 65 and older—volunteer every year, but given this population is higher than 48 million (and projected to reach 80 million by 2050), there is plenty of room for growth. Visit this link to help seniors volunteer and live independent, fulfilling lives.


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